Architectural Control Committee (ACC)



About the ACC

What does the ACC do?

  • The ACC consists of volunteers who work on behalf of the Board, helping to determine if Association guidelines for exterior maintenance are being followed or need to be updated
  • Maintain affiliation and an open rapport with management, other committees and the Loft Ridge Board

What are the duties of an ACC member?

  • Attend monthly ACC meetings
  • Reviews “Request for Change or Addition” forms from residents
  • Make recommendations for supplements, additions and changes to the “Loft Ridge Homeowners Association Community Handbook”

How do you become a member?

  • Anyone can volunteer to be a member
  • A call for new ACC members is made during the Annual Meeting; you can also let any member of the Board of Directors know that you are interested in becoming a member

When does the ACC meet?

  • Generally, ACC meetings are held the third Monday of the month. Check the “Upcoming Events” Section for date/time/location details.

Below are some helpful links for homeowners looking for information on exterior change and painting guidelines for their home:

Upcoming Events