Board of Directors

Rules governing the establishment and responsibilities of the Loft Ridge Homeowners Association Board are established in the Loft Ridge governing documents. These state that the Board shall be comprised of five to seven homeowners, each current on their assessments, elected by the Association membership, and serving a three-year term.

In addition to attending the monthly meetings, Board members are responsible for providing direction to the management company, responding to homeowner requests, working with vendors on Association matters, and serving as a liaison to the Loft Ridge committees. Board members do not receive any compensation or enjoy any special benefits for their time.

If you would like contact the entire Board, please send an email to board at loftridge dot com. To contact an individual Board member, please use the contact information listed below.

Note: the month/year shown in parentheses is the date that a Board member’s term expires.



President:Abbie Boyle (5/24)
Abbie.loftridge at gmail dot com
Vice President:Michelle Acevedo (5/26)
michellea.loftridge at gmail dot com
Secretary:Eric Naide (5/24)
eric.loftridge at gmail dot com
Treasurer:Trish Skinner (5/26)
patricia.loftridge at gmail dot com
Member:Carie Rothenbacher (5/25)
carie.loftridge at gmail dot com

The Board would like to invite every Loft Ridge resident to attend one of the monthly Board meetings. These meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of each month. Until further notice they are being held via Zoom.

Upcoming Events