Trash Collection, Recycling and Bulk Pickup

Trash Collection
Beginning July 5, 2022, county trash service is every Tuesday morning (except Christmas). Trash and recycling cans should be placed out for pickup no earlier than 5pm Monday and returned to your rear yard Tuesday evening. Place the cans three feet apart with handles facing the street. Per county health code 46-1-1 trash must be in contained in covered, water-tight, rodent-proof. Do not leave plastic bags outside of the trash cans as the birds and animals chew them open.

Acceptable recycling: lightweight cardboard (cereal, shoe, tissue boxes), newspapers, magazines, paper, plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans. Containers should be washed out; lids are okay. Newspapers can be set out in paper bags beside the blue can along with flattened cardboard. Recycling should be loose in the can (plastics bags jam up the recycling machines!).

Undecorated Christmas trees will be collected 1st and 2nd Tuesdays in January only.

If you do not have a can, or your can is damaged, call (703) 802-3322 to request replacement.

Yard Debris
Collection day is same as regular trash by a separate truck. Place in paper bags weighing no more than 50 lbs. Bags may contain grass clippings, leaves, small plants, twigs and small shrubs. Don’t include rocks, dirt, stones, concrete etc. Place in same area as trash can/recycle cans.

Bulk Trash Collection
Schedule at (703) 802-3322 or click here. There is a limit of five free pickups of two cubic yards or less annually per household. Oversize brush, furniture, and appliances are examples of acceptable items. Set out items on a grassy area away from trees and light poles so as not to interfere with the “claws” on the removal truck.

Call (703) 802-3322 for additional information.

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