Loft Ridge A to Z

In this guide (Click here for a printable version) you will find information about the structure and operations of your Homeowners Association, guidelines that help keep our neighborhood attractive and friendly, contact information and maps.

Should you have a question we have not answered here, please contact any Management or any Board member.

Annual Meeting

In accordance with our Bylaws, an Annual Meeting of all owners is held in May. You will be notified by mail of exact date, location and agenda. The purposes of the meeting are to elect Board Members, review the prior year finances, and hear Committee reports.

Board of Directors (BOD)

The Community is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of seven homeowners elected by the general membership for three-year terms. Elections are conducted at the Annual Meeting and the terms are staggered so two or three seats expire each year.

The primary duties of the Board are to set policy, oversee the routine functions of the Association, adopt a budget and set the annual assessment rate, maintain the common property, and ensure compliance with the Governing Documents by all homeowners and residents.

Board of Directors Meetings

Your Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of the month via Zoom at 7:00pm (until further notice) to discuss current business and issues within the Community. All homeowners are welcome to attend.

Budget/Association Dues

The Loft Ridge Homeowners Association (LRHOA) operates on a fiscal year (FY), July 1 – June 30. The budget is approved by the BOD at the April Board Meeting.

Revenues for the upcoming FY are predicated on the amount of dues homeowners pay. As part of the budget process, the BOD determines the annual dues, the amount of which you will be advised in writing, mailed no later than May 31.

The dues are effective July 1 and the increase is limited to 5% over the previous maximum annual assessment plus the increase of insurance premiums over the previous FY. Any dues increase in excess of these parameters must be approved by 2/3 of the membership at a Special Meeting.


Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Our governing documents require an ACC, which is comprised of a minimum of three volunteer homeowners. The Committee’s primary responsibilities are to review and approve or disapprove all requests submitted for exterior changes and to ensure the Architectural Guidelines are followed. Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month.

Communications Committee. Writing the quarterly Loft Ridge Limelight is the main focus, and creation of as-needed flyers.

Conservation Committee. The Committee advises, assists, and recommends to the Board actions to protect and enhance the existing natural resources of the community and maintain Common Areas in an ecologically sustainable manner.

Neighborhood Watch. The liaison works with our Fairfax County Police assigned representative.


You will receive a copy of the Loft Ridge Limelight quarterly via the listserv or can find issues online. You can communicate with your neighbors via To join, send an email to

Community Amenities

Multi-Sport Courts. There are two multi-sport courts located on Ridge View Drive exclusively for the use of residents and their guests. The courts are normally locked; the combination is changed May 1 and the new one can be obtained from Management or any Board Member. Please use the multi-sport courts for their intended sports only. Skates, skateboards, bikes, motorized vehicles and such will cause damage to the surface which is costly to repair and will void the warranty.

Tot Lots/Playgrounds. There are two play areas within Loft Ridge (see maps). One is on the far end of Ridge View Drive and the other at the end of Evergreen Knoll Court (not visible from parking area). We encourage children to make use of them and encourage parents to ensure their children’s supervision.

Walking Trail. Residents enjoy a paved walking trail which connects to part of the Fairfax County Park System (see maps). If you treat your pet to a “walk in the park,” please remember to use a leash and clean up after your pet.

No motorized vehicles of any kind are permitted in any area of the park including the asphalt trail.

Exterior Changes

Refer to the Community Handbook to determine if a desired change needs ACC approval.

Governing Documents

Our Association is governed by a series of legal documents, some of which were given to you in your Disclosure Packet. In order of legal precedence these documents include:

  • Virginia Property Owners Association Act (POA)
  • Virginia Non-Stock Corporation Act
  • Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Bylaws
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Community Handbook and Architectural Guidelines

Grounds Maintenance

Part of your Association dues funds a Grounds Maintenance Contract. This contracts covers fertilization, edging and mowing of the common grounds.

Owners are required to maintain the grass or ground cover on their own lots, keep shrubs and trees trimmed, and flower beds weeded. All of your plantings must be within your property line. ACC approval is required before making some changes such as border materials or planting trees.

Home Maintenance

To preserve the value and contribute to the uniform appearance of the Community, you should perform regular maintenance. This includes painting the railings, trim, eaves, doors, and shutters; pressure washing siding, fences and decks; repairing windows, roofs, storm doors etc; pruning shrubs and trees, spreading mulch and keeping the lawn mowed. Some modifications require ACC approval. Please see the Loft Ridge HOA Handbook which can be found on our website.

Loft Ridge’s managing agent performs an inspection in May noting all maintenance needs and you will be sent a letter indicating those.

Loft Ridge Maps

LRHOA is comprised of two areas connected only by a paved walking trail. The entrance signs at both Franconia and Ridge View Drive and at the end of Cannon Lane read “Loft Ridge.”


The cluster mailbox where you receive your mail and any slates leading to that area are owned by the Association. Posting notices on the mailboxes is not permitted.


The Association has contracted with Sequoia Management Company for dues collection, accounting and recommendations for operation of LRHOA.

Sequoia Management Company
13998 Parkeast Circle
Chantilly, VA 20151
phone: (703) 803-9641
fax: (703) 968-0936


In accordance with our governing documents, one parking space has been assigned to each townhouse indicated by your address painted on the curb. Remaining parking spaces are on a first-come basis. Open parking is available along Ridge View Drive (a State road) and in the circles on Ridge View Drive and Cannon Lane. Please be considerate of your neighbors and advice your guests of this policy.

All vehicles parked within Loft Ridge must display current State inspection stickers and license plates. Vehicles owned by military personnel are not exempt. Vehicles in violation are subject to ticketing by the Fairfax County Police.

Fire lanes are marked by yellow curbs and by signs on upright posts (visible even in snow). Parking in these areas could result in immediate towing by our contracted towing company.

In inclement weather, vehicles may be towed from LRHOA roadways and parking areas if they are stalled, stuck, parked or abandoned.


Fairfax County has a Leash Law which means that all animals (other than cats) must be on a leash (held by a human) when they are off your property. Signs indicating this are posted throughout the Community.

Also, the County Pooper-Scooper Law requires that the human at the end of the leash pick up immediately after the pet and properly dispose of the pet waste. At Evergreen Knoll tot lot there is a waste station. There is a trash can at the Ridge View tennis court and a waste station across from the Ridge View tot lot.

Pet owners must also pick up after their pets in their own yards, whether fenced or open. This is necessary to control odor and rodent and insect infestation of your property, adjoining properties, and the common areas.

At no time may pets be left unattended in backyards, on patios, on decks or on any part of the common areas.

Rules or ACC Violations

In accordance with the Virginia Property Owners Act (POA), the BOD has passed a Complaint and Due Process Procedure. In short, after due notifications and the opportunity for a hearing, the Association can pursue legal action against a homeowner for injunctive relief. The violations are mostly for ACC issues.

These situations occur infrequently but the ability to enforce rules is important to an efficient and beautiful Community.


The Association contracts for snow plowing and sanding services for our streets. In light snow or icy conditions, sand will be used. When snow accumulates 2 inches high or more, plows will pile the snow in such a way as to keep travel lanes clear. They do NOT plow parking spaces!! The plowing contractors can only reach our streets when the main roads are open.

Homeowners are responsible for removal of snow from their vehicles, parking spaces, and sidewalks in front of their residences. Please do not put snow onto your neighbor’s property or anywhere that it may be plowed back into parking spaces.

In inclement weather, vehicles may be towed from LRHOA roadways and parked areas if they are stalled, stuck, parked or abandoned.


Regular trash pickup by Fairfax County is on Tuesday mornings. Trash cans and blue recycle cans are to be set out no earlier than 5pm the evening before. The cans are to be set out 3ft apart with wheels facing your house. Cans are to be returned to your rear yard the same evening. Trash, recycling, and special pickup details are indicated in the Trash Policy on the website.

Tree Line Areas

Part of the beauty of our Community is the surrounding wooded areas. In order to keep those areas in good health, please do not dump anything in these areas. Leaves, tree trimmings, and grass clippings can be bagged for trash pickup. If placed in the tree lines, these items decompose slowly and may increase the fire hazard.

Web Sites and Emails

The main website is This site contains general and timely information. A Community-run site affords its membership the ability to exchange information and ideas, ask questions, and tap collective resources for things such as forming babysitting coops etc. To join the main and/or classifieds group, send an email to Email contacts for individual Board members and Committee chairs can be found on the Community website or in the Limelight quarterly newsletter.

Yard Sales

Yard sales are not permitted within LRHOA unless approved by the Board after a homeowner has submitted a written request and agrees to be responsible for any clean-up necessary. The only approved location has been in front of the tennis courts on Ridge View Drive.

Upcoming Events