Litter Free Loft Ridge

Why reporting matters

Your reports are important: they allow us to report back to organizations such as our HOA, Keep Virginia Beautiful, and All One Ocean to help quantify the positive impact you are having on our community. Your information helps continue the mission of these organizations of educating communities about the harmful effects of trash.

Tell us about your experience cleaning up Loft Ridge

Thanks to inspiration from All One Ocean, every day is a Loft Ridge clean up day! No matter how big or small – we want to hear about it!

There are 3 ways to tell us about your success:

Option 1: Take before and after photos from the same vantage point – we love photos! Post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Option 2: Use our Litter-free Loft Ridge Clean Up Station. Take one our repurposed bags and do a mini clean up. Let us know how many bags you used and how much trash you collected by estimated weight.

Option 3: Use a bag of your own and report back to us how much you cleaned up by estimated weight.